Sacrificed Within

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(verse 1)
Alone in a dark room
No light from the world
My conscious fully blackened
Judgements been unfurled
I'm lost, afraid and trapped
In my old empty tomb
Purgatory's pedestal
Her evil wicked womb   
Purgatory's such a bitch
Watching witches burn
Seeing angels rise
Just biding my time
Waiting here for heaven
With hell's fire below
Standing here at purgatory
Looking at my past
Waiting on an answer
Is this too much for me to ask
(verse 2)
Waiting on a word
Looking at my past
Everything around me
Was never meant to last
Listen to a statement
From sorrow long ago
Death is finally here
His bell has finally tolled
(verse 3)
Looking out my window
Wondering about you
Thinking of what happened
Still haven't got a clue
Reminscing of my past
A past so long ago
Ghost like shadows in a sea of dreams
I'm numb and full of woe
(verse 4)
Looking lost and hopeless
Feeling my unrest
Satan's soldiers start to march
My soul will be unblessed
Listen to this statement
Listen to his word
Waiting here at purgatory
My cries are still unheard 

Copyright 7/8/02 Jason A. Tyler and Rick Allen