Sacrificed Within
Wayne Keller


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Wayne C. Keller Jr.


             A little about me. I grew up in the armpit of the earth, Dividing Creek, NJ. It was a bore and all I got to do was smoke, not just cigarettes. I picked up the drum sticks when I was 13 or 14 with a three piece of Slingerland drums that were about 15 years old. No cymbals, no stands, not even a seat. Then 2 years later my Step-father, Paul Campbell, got me a nice 5 peice Tama Swingstar kit. A Tama double bass pedal, hi-hat, And a heavy-duty      Gilbitrator cymbal stand with a Pro Sabian Stage ride cymbal. Beauty I tell you. Then all kinds of craziness took place where they got sold but not by me. BS man, BS. But I have been able to continue my musical destiny due to Sir Theron's Tama Swingstar drum kit. Sacrificed Within is my family outside of my family, just like music is my drug of choice, so for all those beginners out there, don't give up because of what anyone says, don't base your music on money or a stepping stone to get money. Play music because you love it or need it , not for anyone or anything else, just for your love. Eventually make music for your fans. This is all I have got to say about my musical experience. Someday someone might give me some input. Be safe, be persistent, be what you can, and dont be shy to pass the good, good green. Peace.