Sacrificed Within


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(verse 1)
Disease is the sickness
That fills us all
Decay from the inside
While beauty appears on the outside
Killing bastards.....all cowards
With no honor of men
So hide your wife and children
The disease overcomes all men
Running through the bowels of satan
I hear a thousand voices scream
For vengence
Their souls lost
Lost forever, forever, forever
(verse 2)
Death strikes from above
Disease deep in the bowels
And grown men cry like babies
Not one among them....a coward
We're running to the gates of hell
As lucifer laughs in his mask
Darkness the special of the day
With humanity served on a plate
(verse 3)
To die among the best
The old and the young
An honor to be cherished
As shame and guilt fill us all
Now lucifer's high on chaos
With the heart of the innocence
His soldiers fuel the fires
And all mankind's desires

Copyright 9/12/2002 Wayne N. Schemeley