Sacrificed Within


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(verse 1)
Sometimes things are rough
They don't always come easy
You keep on working and trying
Never knowing where it ends
You wake up one early morning
And everything is gone
Where did it all go
Why has it all gone wrong (so wrong)
Why does it have to be this way
May me questions be answered
I ask for some help from up above
But he's not really listening to me
It hurts so much to go on
To face this world all alone(all alone) all alone
(verse 2)
So you search for all the clues
Trying to find the reasons
You keep on searchin n' wondering
Never knowing how to survive
When you know it's the time
You must go on with your life
You ask for help from up above
But is he really listening to me
(verse 3)
Then one day you know
She's not coming home
You stop your thinking n cryin'
And face the facts alone
You wake up on early morning
And start it all over again
Where did it all go
What have I done so wrong (so wrong)

Copyright 12/12/2001 Annette Schemeley & Wayne N. Schemeley