Sacrificed Within


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(verse 1)
Angels singing demons crying
Satans tears of ice and snow
The bad go up, good go down
Upside down world of fear
Fathers giving birth to babies
Mothers not around to raise them
Children playing in the rain
See them eat the yellow snow
Upside down downside up
Turned around n' inside out
Is this my life what the fuck
Hotter than heaven in the snow
Colder than hell out in the sun
What is wrong I don't know
(verse 2)
Leaves are falling in July
Flowers bloom in snow filled skies
Raining buckets in the sun
But the wells are empty
The sun is out in the night
Smaller than the stars above
The moon above and fears abound
The blade is dull but yet I bleed
(verse 3)
Use a fork to cut your meat
Eat your peas with a knife
Shut up loudly but move softly
Watching cows eat sheep
Upside down cross of christ
Empty of a god above
Angels crying and the devils singing
Chaos makes my world go round

 Copyright 12/12/2001 Wayne N. Schemeley