Sacrificed Within
Dirty Trix


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Dirty Trix

(verse 1)
As I walked into the door
Wondering was she just another whore
She had long legs n' a sexy smile
Checking me out all of the while
She took my hand said follow me
I squeezed it tight and grinned in glee
Opened the door turned off the light
She said to me as we went into the night
For a five we'll talk some jive
Make it a ten and I'll be your friend
For a twenty I'll be your honey
Offer thirty n' we'll get down n' dirty
Say its forty n' I'll be there shortly
I see a fifty and I want you to stick me
Tell me sixty and you can double dip me
Sitxy nine and you'll be felling fine
(verse 2)
I don't know is this to fast
Not sure that this love will last
She said love no its just lust
As she put my hand on her bust
Feel that heart now it's not sound
Yeah but my ass that's nice and round
By that time I knew we could
Cause she was feeling all wood
(verse 3)
Now I'm going down the highway
The highway of lust with her
I ca'nt believe it now
Got my hands on all her fur
Going down that highway
The highway of sin
Feeling cheap and used
But still got my grin

Copyright 12/13/2001 Wayne N. Schemeley