Sacrificed Within
Forsaken World


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Forsaken World

(verse 1)
Walking on clouds
Tramplin through skies
To worlds unknown
My fears come alive
Gates are there
But can't unlock
I'm surrounded by
My barrier walls
As I try to escape real-ity
My greed is over-powering-me
Leaving behind the forsaken mindless
Satan's strings are pulling on me
(verse 2)
Angels chanting
Fearless satan's
Among us all
Devil worship
Sacrificed souls
Ripping flesh
And bloodied walls
(verse 3)
Unworthiness fills
All of their minds
As bloodshed swamps
Their kingdom
Wastin away their
Precious lifetimes
Their screams bear
As their only witness

Copyright 12/12/2001 Annette Schemeley & Wayne N. Schemeley