Sacrificed Within
Waiting on the Rain

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Waiting on the Rain

(verse 1)
Calmness surrounds the children
While they play away the day
Never knowing what they're doing
Never knowing what to say
The wind starts to pick up
Coldness starts to stir
Their childhood is over
It all seemed like a blur
I like it when it thunders
I like it when it rains
It hides away my anger
It takes away my pain
They live their life alone
They live it all in vein
I can sit forever
Just waiting on the rain
(verse 2)
The sky starts to darken
Soon they will say goodbye
Their life is halfway over
The laughter starts to die
Lightening starts to show
Thunder can be heard
They all lay in silence
They never say a word
(verse 3)
Water starts to fall
Through cracks in the sky
Now their life has ended
They never know just why
Now the sun starts showing
The clouds are breaking up
Where you're finally laying
Some flowers will be stuck

Copyright 7/8/02 Jason A. Tyler