Sacrificed Within
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In the beginning....

     The band originally started out as AeroTaP back in 2000, with Jay Tyler playing guitar, Chet Oliver singing, and Wayne Keller Jr., playing drums.
      After a rough start the band broke up, and Jay called his dad, Leonard Tyler, and friend ,Wayne Schemeley, to start Sacrificed Within (2001). This time with Leonard playing drums, and Wayne singing. About a month after the start they picked up a bass player called Kevin Buchecker. They played about 6 months. Then they took a break. During the break Kevin and Jay picked up Kev's brother Theron Buchecker to sing a couple songs they were working on.
       In the summer of 2002; Jay, Kevin, and Theron teamed back up with Wayne Schemeley, Wayne Keller, and percussionist Steve Jones to start again.

Contributed by Jay Tyler

Jay Tyler

Kevin Buchecker