Sacrificed Within

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(verse 1)
I f I could be
Granted 3 wishes
I'd only need
One tonight
I'd ask for
Help from somewhere
To help me
Out some how
I know you have to leave
But there's nothing to say
Just remember I love you
Cause its got to be this way
I know you're gonna leave
I wish I had something to say
Hope you remember
Cause its gonna end this way
(verse 2)
Late at night
When I
Think of you
I stay up
All night
Just thinking
What can I do?
( chorus)
(verse 3)
I just want
You to know
That I'll
Be all right
I just wish
You could see my kids grow
But I've already
Used my wish tonight
(chorus) x 2

Copyright 7/8/02 Jason A. Tyler