Sacrificed Within
Infront of the Mirror

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Infront of the Mirror

(verse 1)
Sometimes it get too much
Sometimes I feel like breaking
Too much stress running around me
It's beating me to the ground
Standing there I feel a breeze
It is death tormenting me
I can feel my soul is changing
Everything is rearranging
Nothing left to give this place
I'm sick of keeping up the pace
I just want to live at ease
It's beating me down to my knees
Slitting my wrists in front of the mirror
I can feel death creeping nearer
I can hear him come from behind me
I can feel him fucking with my mind
(verse 2)
Standing infront of the Gad damn mirror
Starting to see things a little bit clearer
Satan's waiting here for me
He is here to make me see
That Hell is what awaits me
When I finally do the deed
I'm slitting my wrists, I'm grabbing the knife
Preparing myself to take my life
(verse 3)
When the blood hits the floor
And I'm screaming out for more
No one here will give a damn
That I've given up on life
I don't want to be here
I don't want nothing at all
So I am just standing here
Just waiting for the fall

Copyright 10/18/2002 Jason A. Tyler & Theron Buchecker