Sacrificed Within
Season of Flaws

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Season of Flaws

(verse 1)
Judgment is passed on the innocent man
Death sentence for the guiltless one
Fatal reality of justice gone wrong
Monetary constrictions- the lady is brided
Nails down his throat
Barbaric in the modern age
Together we set the stage
Just like ancient times
Just like long ago
Blood's the same color when it flows
(verse 2)
Hijacking the planes of innocent ones
Killing each other for no reason because
Man has now entered the Season of Flaws
The horrified faces of fate-sealed lives show
That innocence is gone
(verse 3)
Nuclear arsenals to empowered madmen
Hypnotized people follow the leader
Marching them all to certain demise
They know not of the impending doom
Worldwide Cemetery
(chorus )
Can we...go on?
Can we...survive?
CAn we dispel the evil?
Can we...standby?
And watch our futures' end?
words by Theron Buchecker