Sacrificed Within
It All Comes Back

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It All Comes Back

(verse 1)
You- lose your mind
Waste your life inside your head
You- lose control
You can't grasp what's left for dead
You think that you're all right
You think that you're okay
But do you know when you're insane?
After everything fails you
When it all falls through
You let it all go
But it all comes back to you
When nothing is right
And the world is wrong
You've retreated before
But it all comes back to you
(verse 2)
Time- on your side
Or so that is what you thought
Time- not your friend
Nor the prize that your sought
You think that life is long
And mistakes disappear
But only if you can let them go
(verse 3)
Strength- use it now
It is all that you've got left
Strength- weighs you down
You can't try to save yourself
You think you've got it all
And you need noone else
But are you lonely alone?
words by Theron Buchecker